Saturday 1 June 2019

An Experiment (Welcome everyone lol)

As an experiment, I am starting this new blog on the first (or maybe second, I can't remember if I used Bravenet first) blogging platform I ever used. My FC2 blog doesn't really have the aesthetics I'm looking for and it has far too much shit that I don't believe anymore in its archives. Speaking of which, it also has a clunky article management system, which I love, but which has been problematic for me in using it.

So as a way to get back into regular writing I'll retire the FC2 blog (for now at least) and write here instead. I might also use my Tumblr more if I remember to do so. Hopefully this blog will contain a nice mix of more laid-back content and effortposts.

Right now I am listening to my friend Madi's album Bliss. It's absolutely fantastic and you should definitely listen to it and probably buy it on Bandcamp or Spotify or iTunes. I might write more stuff about it at some point but for now just know that it's a big and monumental work and you ought to listen to it right now.